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About Us

Pack On Pack is a centralized solution for wholesale providers to manage regular orders to customers such as cafes, restaurants, speciality shops, branches, outlets, etc. You can also give your customers online access to login and adjust their orders up to a predefined cut off time. It is mostly suitable for:

  • Wholesale Artisan Bakeries
  • Sweets And Pastry Providers
  • Fresh Food And Flower Providers
  • Meat, Fish and Dairy Providers
  • Any Wholesale Providers With Regular Orders


Here are some of the features that our users like the most

Centralized Management

Can be used as a centralized solution to self-manage orders and replace various worksheets

Customer Access (Optional)

You can give one or more of your customers access to edit their orders online with a predefined cut off time

Recurring Orders

Setup regular orders on a weekly basis, and the system will re-order products automatically in due time

Automate Production

Issue Recipes, Production and Delivery sheets with a few simple clicks

Easy Dashboard

Manage your daily orders on a single dashboard with totals and reminders results


View past and future orders on a single matrix for the entire store or by individual customers

Pricing is simple

Princing is based on the number of customers you manage and is less then 1 USD per customer per week
For example the subscription for a store with 10 customers would be 40 USD/Month
Other prices are available for stores with different sizes and circumstances such as food banks
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